Services for Children and Teens

We offer clinical, therapeutic services that address personal emotional crises such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders; the additional challenges faced by those with special needs; difficulties adjusting to new or unexpected situations; conflicts in interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers, siblings, or peers; and/or the commonly shared challenges of growing up. For more information on any of these services, please contact the coordinator of services for children and teens at 972.437.9950.

Mental Health Addiction Counseling
Open to anyone in need, JFS offers comprehensive services to troubled youth, adults and older adults with addiction disorders including substance abuse and dependence, eating disorders, sexual addiction, self-harm and other addictive behaviors. 

These services address related mental health issues such as suicidality, depression and anxiety and include support for parents, siblings and other family members.

Individual and Family Counseling


Behavioral Treatment

Recovery Support

Psychotherapy Groups

Family Support

This specialized community resource will help those battling addictive behaviors find help and hope for as long as needed.

For more information, contact JFS Addiction Counseling Services at (972) 437-9950.

Assessment of Abilities and Needs
Identification of strengths and emotional, social, psychological and/or academic needs.

Early Childhood Intervention
Expert assessment, planning, and recommendations for children from birth through age three.

Individual Counseling
Our licensed professionals offer individual counseling, helping children and adolescents identify and understand their feelings, and develop skills and behaviors to better deal with them.

Individual Counseling for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs
We offer individual counseling for children with special needs, helping them identify and understand their feelings, and develop appropriate skills and behaviors to better deal with them.

Individual Play Therapy
When young children are troubled, play therapy is often the best way to understand their concerns and to help them learn about themselves and those around them, and alternative ways to handle various situations. Licensed professionals work with children at their own level, helping them to express their feelings and begin the healing process.

Psychological Evaluations for Children and Adolescents
Intellectual, achievement, and emotional testing for children ages 5 to 16, to assist in diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendations.

Social Skills Groups
Our licensed professionals facilitate social skills groups for children and adolescents, to help them learn to navigate the world of their feelings and relationships.

School Mental-Health Counseling
Work with parents and school personnel to identify any special needs and provide services as appropriate.

School and Family Liaison
Work closely with parents and school personnel to create and implement plans to address a child’s behavioral, academic and social development.

Speech-Language Therapy
Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of speech and language deficits to help children develop better communication.

Care Management
For children and adolescents whose needs are best met by a care manager to coordinate services. The care manager will assess needs, abilities and resources; develop a plan for support, including external referrals if necessary; and monitor progress.

Support Group for Siblings of the Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically, or Learning Disabled
This group, facilitated by a licensed professional, is for children whose siblings require special attention because of emotional, physical, psychological or learning disabilities.

Support Group for Children Coping with Divorce or Loss
This group targets the needs of children who have suffered through a loss of some type, whether by divorce or death. It is also appropriate for children whose parents are in the process of separation or divorce.

Support Group for Children Whose Parents are Chronically or Terminally Ill
For children who are impacted by the illness and/or impending death of a parent, this group provides support and help in the development of coping strategies.

Therapeutic Group for Children Affected by Abuse
For children who are currently facing any type of abuse against themselves or a family member, or have in the past, our professional staff helps the children learn to manage their feelings and develop coping behaviors.

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